October 24, 2017

We are family...(come on, sing it with me!)

On Monday in Math we learned all about fact families or "related facts". We can use fact families in addition/subtraction and multiplication/division. 

We also talked about how fact families have three members, but generate four questions. 

Students created their own fact families and then had to solve a little nugget of a problem similar to this:  Here are two members of a fact family: 8 and 9.  Who could possibly be the third member? That's right! The missing numbers could be either 1 or 17.

Unit 2 Practice Test

The boys and girls will write their Unit 2 Math test on Thursday October 26. Below, please find a link to an older, but useful Practice Test.  The Practice Test is a very good friend of the real one and should assist students in preparing for Tuesday.   

Please also check your child's zippy on Friday for the study guide/checklist that will also assist in preparing for the test. 

We've been using a combination of our workbook and more "hands on" problem solving experiences to learn the skills from this unit.  Some questions or pages in the workbook have not yet been completed and are perfect for assisting students in preparing for the test. The workbook will come home on Tuesday. Please look for it in your child's Zippy.  

It is important for students to be able to identify the operation required to solve the word problems. They need to look for "clue words" that tell them to add or subtract. We've talked a great deal about "clue words" lately.  

Please note: Problem #10 on the test deals with rounding numbers. This won't be on the test. Students will learn about rounding in a separate mini-unit. 

Please do not return the test to school for marking as this is for practice purposes only. 

Unit 2 Practice Test

October 22, 2017

A "spook-tacular" bit of fun!

What a great way to end the week! 
This week, we read Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds.  This hilarious text includes some of the key writing conventions we've been talking about throughout the school year such as: italics, ellipses and text size to indicate emotion. This book is a treasure trove of literary fun! 

Have a look at these creepy, yet adorable pumpkins the kids made on Friday afternoon! We used orange Solo cups that I picked up at a Pittsburgh-area Target last year on clearance, black peel and stick felt and battery operated candles that I got at Michaels a while back with my 50% off coupon. This was a great craft for kids and at the same time, easy on the wallet! 

Special thanks to my classroom photographer Claire! While I was busy helping other students, she roamed the room with my camera taking all kinds of great pictures.  Students are learning about the difference between what we call "working photos" and "smiling photos". We're learning about digital citizenship and every opportunity I can give my students to safely practice this is a real win!  

I made this instructional video for my students. There's no sound so that I could explain it to them while they watched.  If you're a teacher and you'd like to make this craft with your students, feel free to use my video as well! 

October 17, 2017

Our First Math Quiz

On Monday, the boys and girls had their first Math quiz (pictured below).  Based on the data, I think students will need further practice with solving word problems, so we're going to spend the rest of the week focusing on problem solving. 

Students are asked to become very familiar with this graphic from their math booklet as it will help them to determine the correct operation required to solve the problem.  

To help the boys and girls understand the requirements to score a 4/4, I made this super quick video that we watched this afternoon.  I've encouraged students to watch it again to understand the success criteria that might help them on future quizzes.  


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