April 20, 2018

A Math Update!

This week in Math, the boys and girls have continued working on their fractions folders, while also learning about how to find a fraction of a set. For example, what is 1/3 of 12? Or: divide 15 into thirds.  

We had a really fun lesson earlier this week where students used their Playdoh to practice this skill. We started by showing a fraction of a shape and then moved on to solving problems involving fractions of a set.  I love that students used their math songs to help them calculate their answers. If your child doesn't have their songs memorized, and I know there are a few, please have them practice them. You can find them in the tab at the top right corner of the blog.  I cannot emphasize this enough: knowing these songs make a world of difference in building both number-sense and overall Math confidence.  

Finding fractions of a set are a real light-bulb kind of lesson because students see how the skills they've learned earlier in the year (e.g. how to divide and "hey, multiplication is just repeated addition).  

April 19, 2018

Penny's Problem

As our Wednesday Workshop this week, the boys and girls will read a story I wrote called, "Penny's Problem". The focus of this task will is on how to respond to three types of questions or prompts:
  • identify how a character's mood or attitude  changes throughout the story
  • discuss an alternative title to the story and explain whether or not it is a suitable choice
  • identify how one character supports another

There are three questions for students to answer. We call them "RRWEs" because they are "reading response with evidence questions. Now sometimes on EQAO, they'll ask you to add your own information or "plusses" as we call them. So in that case, we'd call those types of questions "RRWEPs" -reading response with evidence plus.    

April 16, 2018

Unit 8 Fractions: learning goals and big ideas

We've started our next unit in Math! It's unit 8 and it's all about Fractions! 

Please note: there is no workbook for this unit. We'll be using our slates and doing a variety of hands-on problem solving activities to develop skills and demonstrate understanding. Students will also create a "Fractions Folder" that will support their learning. 

Unit 8: Fractions (click here)

April 10, 2018

Success Checklist

I have created a very full list of things students need to know to feel confident and prepared for EQAO week in late May. 

This list will not be distributed in class, it's for study purposes only.  I'm asking that parents review each item with their child, check off what they know and then spend some time on those items that need revisiting. This is for your home-use only and is not to be returned to school. 

There are still a number items to cover in class on the checklist, so some material may be unfamiliar to students.

The checklist is to be used as a kind of study guide. You can formulate questions to ask your child based on this guide to be sure they are confident before you check off an item.  

I have indicated that "students should be able to check-off each item" on the checklist, but it should be a parent doing so.

While the big "E" isn't a test, kids understandably do feel nervous as it approaches. My hope is that by using this document as a guide, students will feel more confident when they see just how fully prepared they really are. 

Success Checklist


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