January 20, 2018

New year, new goals!

We've been talking about what we do really well in Room 208 and where we'd like to improve.  Like so many do, we are setting new goals this month.  

Through our discussions, we have found that as a class we do many things very well:  

  • we're great readers
  • our problem solving skills in Math continue to improve
  • we ask very insightful questions that demonstrate we're listening and thinking about what we're learning 
  • we have excellent manners 
  • we're AMAZING at getting our agendas signed each night 
  • we are very responsible when it comes to changing into our indoor shoes 
  • we can stay focused, even if there are distractions in the hallway or classroom 
  • we've gotten very good at determining problems we can solve on our own and those that require adult intervention 
  • we continue to do the big things and little things that earn us brag tags each day 
Some areas were we are hoping to improve
  • it's super-duper important that we memorize the spelling of our no-excuse words (found on the list on our desk) Get a printable version here: No Excuse List 
  • we want memorize the math songs found at the top right area of the blog to help improve our number sense skills 
  • we want to make sure we are following all classroom expectations whether the teacher is watching or not -everyone wins when we do the right thing because it's the right thing to do, not because someone is watching us (This is our most important goal). Working with fewer teacher reminders to stay on task and do what's in accordance with our class policies really optimizes our learning environment. 
  • we want to participate more in class discussions and lessons. Everyone in room 208 has great contributions to make and it's essential that we all develop this skill and do our part
  • we want to reduce the humming and mouth noises that can be distracting to others when they are working 
  • we want more brag tags! 😍
I think we are more than capable of achieving these goals. With a support from home and consistency at school, parents, you're going to need to rent a trailer in June to bring home all the brag tags these kids earn! 

January 19, 2018

100th Day T-Shirt Fun!

I'll talk more about this with the kids in the coming days, but I'm so excited, I want to announce our 100th Day of School "project" today! It's not really a project-project, it's mostly just for a lot of fun and a great way to celebrate! 

We've been counting down to the 100th day since that very first day back in September. 

The hundredth day of school is a really big deal! 

I'm asking the boys and girls to design their own 100th Day t-shirt. They can use a new or old shirt, it doesn't matter, as long as it shows 100 of something! 

I'll ask the kids to wear them to school on Tuesday February 14th.  That's the day where we'll celebrate both the 100th day AND Valentine's Day!  

This project is limited only by imagination! I tried this back in 2015 for the first time and it was a real hit!  

Have a look at this post from that year to see some of the great shirts kids came up with!

100th Day of School 2015 

January 17, 2018

Math Unit 5: Data Management

It's time to talk data!

We're learning all about data management in this next Math unit. Today's lesson was a look at how we interpret data (we even used that word: interpret

We'll also explore the difference between what we can interpret from data and what we observe or notice on a graph. So we might observe that the graph is a bar graph and the bars are yellow, but when we interpret data, we have to do a little bit of math. For example, in the bar graph below, one can interpret that 9 chocolate chip cookies were left over after the bake sale.  

I've attached a document taken directly from the teacher support materials for the Math Makes Sense program that outlines our learning goals and big ideas for this unit.

Unit 5 Big Ideas and Learning Goals

Here's a quick video tutorial for the boys and girls on the difference between interpreting and observing/noticing.  

January 15, 2018

Attributes of...deliciousness!

Fun Friday was so much fun and oh so delicious!  
It was Puzzle Day aaaannnnddd we made bread!  As part of our discussion of the types of attributes this week, I surprised the kids with a tasty treat!  
This week, we've learned about the eight or so ways you can describe an object. It's a starter list and we know there are many other ways you might be able to describe the features and attributes of an item.  I wanted the boys and girls to really understand and retain what we mean by "What is the item's state of matter?"  I explained that the bread-making process takes us through all three: liquid, gas and solid.  

So after we talked about the states of matter that our bread would experience and then off we went to enjoy Puzzle Day! Imagine the fun we had working together on puzzles while our bread baked!  We put the bread in around 11:00 and then three hours later,  we enjoyed a delicious, warm treat after the puzzles were completed! 

Room 208 was certainly the place to be last Friday! 


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