May 22, 2018

Bring something you love!

I'm asking the boys and girls to bring a small memento to school while we write EQAO. 

They'll keep it on their desk to make them feel warm and fuzzy while they write their booklets.  

Photo, teeny-tiny toy, good luck charm, anything, as long as it reminds them of how much they are loved and it's not too big and won't break if it falls off their desk (and it will fall off!)  I've told the kids it shouldn't be bigger than our statue of St. Francis that we keep on our Prayer Table.    

Please have your child bring their memento as soon as possible so everything is set up and ready to go for that first day: Tuesday May 29th. 

Five more school days!

With just five school days left until students begin their EQAO booklets (May 29,30,31), it seems appropriate to read this storybook to my class today!

As promised to my students, here are the links again to the EQAO practice resources and the "success checklist" that I created a few years ago.  

May 18, 2018

What is empathy?

This week, as part of our Morning Meetings, we've talked about two important, but not related topics.  The first topic we've focused on is being more concise in our responses. Students were challenged this week to give gist answers when possible.  We talked about how answers, stories, responses that go on and on and on tend to result in bored listeners and readers.  I reminded the kids to think about the point they want to make and find a concise way to arrive at it.  As students get older, they'll want to develop this skill so they can keep their audience engaged and think more critically about what to include and not include in conversations with others.  

Our second topic was about empathy. Students learned that being empathetic means putting yourself in someone else's shoes. We talked about what it means to relate to others by asking "How do you think the individual is feeling in the following situations?" 

  • a friend is waiting at the airport for her mom to arrive
  • it's the end of a very, very long car ride 
  • today is her birthday party 
  • his dog passed away last night 
I'm waiting for this book to be delivered so I can read it to the boys and girls. It comes highly recommended! 

In the meantime, the boys and girls can enjoy reading and learning from the many books we have in our classroom library. Each book presents the reader with an opportunity to respond with empathy.  

The Measurement Family!

It's a few years old, but here's a super-quick (and verrrry close-up!) video of the four members of the measurement family!  

The boys and girls can watch this video and revisit who's who and how they are related!  

The Measurement Famliy


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